Calculating calories for weight loss

Do you know how many calories you need to gain or lose weight?

Use our calculator to learn how much energy you need to maintain a stable weight. Do you want to lose weight? Use fewer calories but do it wisely!

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Remember that all calculations are approximate and you also should control and monitor reactions of your body!

Your daily need


What does this result mean? If calorie quantity from your ordinary diet does not exceed this value at your current lifestyle, than the weight will be stable and will not be increasing.

If your goal is to lose weight, then the best option would be decreasing of energy balance of not more than 500 kcal. That means, reduction of calorie quantity from the diet + energy consumption from additional physical activities shall not exceed 1000 kcal in total.

In order to facilitate loss of weigh you need to add physical activities. It is important not to decrease the energy balance more than 1000 kcal of the required norm; otherwise the organism will interpret it as an attempt of being deceived and will switch to the fat accumulation mode to slow down the weight loss process.

ActivityKilocalories an hour per one kilogramme
Resting in horizontal position1.1
Mental work in sitting position1.5
Sewing, knitting, standing still in the air1.5
Office work2
Dishwashing, ironing2.1
Dusting, washing floors2.6
Slow walking (3 km/h)3.3
Fast walking (6 km/h)4.6
ActivityKilocalories an hour per one kilogramme
Aerobics , cycling4.6
Very brisk walking, dancing10
Walking interspersed with running11.6
Running (slow, fast)9.2-11.5

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